The business MANTOMED was born in 1992 from the founders’ matured experience, whom had already been operating in the agroindustrial field, even though covering different roles. The reference partner, Paolo Mantovani, has an experience on the field, matured over 40 years of working in the sector. His experience has far away roots. From being a simple employee in a primary Italian food industry multinational corporation in 1973, a few years later he called to manage the commercial direction of the company, and finally becomes the chief-executive of an important Italian oil company.The naming “MANTOMED” derives from the synthesis and combination of the name of the main founder and of the broker activity (that defines the field of action of the business (Mantovani + Mediation), but not only. Operating internationally, the name of the company want to put accent on a multiple reading, and therefore clear and readable in english, beyond geographical limits. MAN TO MED means, the “man that mediates” and transmits without a doubt how the founders interpret their profession . With enormous passion, as if it was a recall, a mission to which it is impossible not to respond to.