A Broker is an expert of a specific product sector and of its industrial and mercantile techniques relative to the production and distribution of specific products. The profession is characterized by a particular knowledge of the legal norms that are subject to that sector, a profound knowledge of the sector’s products, the market and the territory to which they are tied. The expertise derives from an every day basis experience and the close contact with the products to which the intermediator is exposed, together with an analytical knowledge of the productive technologies. Dealing with these aspects brings to an strong doctrinal formation, founded on years of practical expertise. It is evident how the professional requisites in question are indispensable for the exact conduction of such activity. Being a real merchandise intermediator today, not only means being the owners of a specific Knowledge and cultural baggage, it also means holding an asset of expertise of inestimable value. The profound knowledg and requisites about the product, its producers, of how and where the products are produced and of all the productive and commercial techniques that lie behind the simple product, are fundamental assets about this business. These values require a competence that can only be matured through the strong relation with all of these fields, together with a strong flexibility of mind, indeed fundamental for dealing with products of high quality in an atypical market. The True Merchandise Intermediator holds such a high end specific function to the point where he acts ad the needle of the balance of the market in which he operates.